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Skyward FAQ

To setup a family access account, please send and email to afcskyward@afcschools.net.  Please allow up to a week for a response.

Please include the following in the email. Name and/or Spouses name, email address and spouses email, students name/student grade .


You can now pay registration fees and other fees online.  You will need a Family Access account for skyward.  Please see above to get one.  All students have the registration fees attached, if you would like to pay for sports fees, etc, please contact the office and have them add the appropriate fee to the student.

Any questions need to be emailed to afcskyward@afcschools.net

AFC High School

611 Western Ave
Ashton, IL 61006
Phone: 815-453-7461
Fax: 815-453-7462
Principal: Tammy Harvey

AFC Middle School

318 East South Street

Franklin Grove, IL 61031

Phone: 815-456-2323

Fax: 815-456-3211

Principal: Trina Dillon

AFC Elementary School

217 South Elm
Franklin Grove, IL 61031
Phone: 815-456-2325
Fax: 815-456-2713
Principal: Trina Dillon

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